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Everyone is going to want to take a summer vacation in 2021. But are you ready to join them?

June 2, 2021
By Christopher Elliot

What will it take for you to take a summer vacation? Fewer COVID-19 cases? Cheap accommodations? A vaccination? It all depends.

Ask a professional

A competent travel adviser can help you sort through all questions about taking a summer vacation. Travel agents have had to become therapists during the pandemic, and this summer those skills will be even more in demand.

The first thing I always ask someone during our initial consultation is if the thought of travel will cause them to feel overwhelmed or give them anxiety,” says Maria Diego, owner of Diego Travel. “If their answer is yes, then I suggest they hold off on travel until they feel completely comfortable again. No one will enjoy a vacation with an overwhelming sense of anxiety.”

A travel adviser can help guide you to a destination where you will feel less anxious.