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Book Direct and We’ll VIP You!

If you prefer to book yourself, see available options for a particular destination, or want to know what Virtuoso amenities are offered at each property, now you can! Just sign in to the Virtuoso Hotels Online Booking Tool and identify MARIA DIEGO as your travel advisor. Once you book, we get an automatic alert, and follow-up as part of our usual VIP booking process to make sure you get the perks and VIP status that you deserve!

Do you want the control of booking online or simply enjoy researching trips? You can still do this and get the Virtuoso amenities that Diego Travel offers!

How to get started


Access your personalized Virtuoso booking site HERE. In the top right-hand corner, either create an account (quick and easy) or sign in. A pop-up will appear, where you’ll choose Maria Diego as your advisor. If you see rates, but are not able to book online, double check that you’ve selected Maria as your advisor.


Follow the easy instructions in the booking tool. You’ll provide your dates, view rates and availability, select the room you want, provide your contact and payment details, and complete your booking.

Once you complete your booking, we get an alert, and we will follow up with you and the hotel as a part of our usual VIP hotel booking process. Your check-in experience will be seamless and you will receive all the usual recognitions for booking with Virtuoso and Diego Travel.


  • This is a new tool so bear with us –  If you experience any issues, please reach out to the Virtuoso Help Desk or Diego Travel.

  • Book around the clock – If you need to book after-hours and want to lock in a great rate, this is the tool to do just that. You can also use this tool to check fluctuating rates and availability or send us an email inquiry requesting more information.

  • You cannot make changes or cancelations via the booking tool – Please contact us for any changes or cancelations and we will take care of the work.

  • We have special VIP access to many more hotels not listed here – If you don’t see the hotel you’re looking for listed, just reach out to us because chances are, we’ll still be able to get you a sweeter stay than what you could get for yourself.

  • Promotions – Not all promotional rates are combinable with Virtuoso amenities. Be sure to check with us if you have any questions about which carries greater value. We are always here to help and explain why the lowest rate doesn’t always equal the greatest value.

Reasons to check with us before booking online

Some of our exclusive partnership benefits will exceed those from Virtuoso

Please see our preferred hotel partnerships below, and if your desired hotel is on the list, contact us to maximize the perks! Some programs will trump Virtuoso.

When your hotel booking is not simple

If your booking is for multiple rooms, multiple hotels, requires special requests, or involves a complicated itinerary, you’ll be better off by contacting us and allowing us to handle its complexity.